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Elegant. Refined. Exclusive.

Archiped's exclusive designs exude an aura of elegance and good taste. The streamlined, classic lines have a modern sensibility about them that lead us to call our Jacques Lamy collection Modern Classics. In addition to this fresh collection, Archiped faithfully reproduces antiques by making the molds directly from the originals, producing accurate first generation reproductions that can be difficult to discern from the antique originals.



Why Archiped?
Quality. Service. Guarantee.

Archiped owner, Richard Stanzel, and his assistant create exquisitely detailed handmade urns, planters, benches, statuary, and pedestals at the Archiped studio in the Dallas Design District. Made of high performance, commercial grade cast stone, Archiped products are frost proof with no winter maintenance necessary, come with a six year pro-rated warranty, and are shipped in custom made crates or palletized special boxes.

Members of the trade are protected and shipping dates are reliable. Additionally, Archiped features exclusive designs by Prix de Rome de Peinture recipient, Jacques Lamy, as well as antique reproductions cast from first generation molds.

Archiped owners Richard and Shelley Stanzel make working with Archiped an effortless process for design trade professionals. From initial inquiries to delivery, the Stanzels make certain that orders are shipped on time and all customers are satisfied with their experiences.



Portfolio & Press
Prestigious. International. Sophisticated.

Archiped installations span the globe. They may be found in luxury resorts and hotels, high-end commercial buildings and distinctive private estates. Established top tier magazines and newspapers have featured Archiped Classics' unique designs editorially and on magazine covers.


Latest News

August 2011: Archiped Classics Launches New Website

We've redesigned to bring you a website with a richer user-experience. Now you can easily print tear-sheets with detailed specs on each product. We hope you enjoy our new site!

October 2010: D Home's "12 Wow! Houses" Issue

Archiped Classics' Provence Urns accent a classic Colonial Revival. See the article here.


The History of Garden Ornaments

Garden ornamentation has been integral to public and private garden spaces for more than two thousand years. One of the earliest archaeological sites displaying an abundance of garden statuary is found in the Villa of Poppaea at Oplontis. Located near Mount Vesuvius, the country villa was covered in volcanic ash and preserved intact when the volcano erupted in 49.A.D.

Forty-four statues had been placed around the pool and courtyard. Their arrangement and subject matter differed greatly from pieces found in the courtyards of Pompeii. A typical Pompeiian home would have had a centaur or satyr displayed, whereas the Villa of Poppaea featured light-hearted pieces such as a statuette of a boy holding a duckling.


Working with Archiped

Shelley Stanzel of Archiped Classics

In an era hallmarked by off shore call centers and the anonymous clicks of a mouse, Archiped customers find it refreshing to talk to a live person who puts the customers’ needs ahead of profits.

The Stanzels strive to make your experience with Archiped effortless and easy. When customers call Archiped, they speak to either Richard or Shelley Stanzel. Shelley M. Stanzel will then personally assist you through the quoting, ordering and shipping processes so that you will be able to quickly determine which Archiped works best for your installation. She ensures that your order is given personal attention. Delivery options will be discussed and a quote will then be prepared that includes the hard costs for shipping.

When the customers receive shipping dates, they can rely on Archiped to ship their orders when promised.

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  • Handmade in Dallas, Texas.
  • Exclusive designs by Prix de Rome de Peinture recipient, Jacques Lamy.
  • Exquisite details.
  • High performance, commercial grade cast stone.
  • Frostproof: Plant it. Leave it. No need to cover or empty in winter.


  • Six year, pro-rated warranty
  • No packing fees on orders over $1,000
  • Freight 15% or less on domestic dock to dock shipments over $2,500
  • Founded in 1989


Phone: 214-748-7437
Fax: 214-748-7497
154 Glass Street, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75207